Essays and tidbits on personal development in the tension of ministry and marketplace.

It’s a journey I suppose…

I tend to think while I walk, and it seems I’m walking, a lot, on a wandering path. So I’m simply recording my thoughts and steps as I wind along this path I can’t see far ahead on.

I advanced quickly in full time ministry, doing collegiate ministry and heading up a men’s ministry that became successful in many ways. I then was asked to pastor a small church which was one of ten satellite locations that made up a mega-church.

I decided I wanted to further my theological education at the same time I was asked to join a group in planting a church in a major university city in Kansas – right next to one of my top choices for a seminary school. This happened right after I was flown out to study and possibly join a booming collegiate church on the west coast. So I was primed to say “yes”, and after hearing great things about the leader’s personal passion for training young men, my wife and I went for it. We packed up and moved to Lawrence, KS.

I then realized I needed a job; so I started my own business. I did writing, publishing, sold advertising, networked, hosted events, consulted and more.  I’ve learned about all sorts of businesses and industries.

I’d always had an entrepreneurial bent and already knew I wanted to see the Church more involved in local business, marketplace and community investment.

Now I’m fixed on it as a viable, and maybe the vital, future for the church.

I want to see us connect our story into our community’s stories in meaningful ways! Ways that make a tangible, valuable, and then lasting difference in people’s lives. Ways they appreciate so much we are then able to introduce them to the deeper meaning to life. Even if they don’t agree with our beliefs, they’d be sad if we were gone.

God doesn’t need my help, but because the world needs God’s help and the church isn’t giving it as well as it could, the church is soon going to need a lot of help!

…I’m wandering, winding, and wondering. Feel free to join me in this “elasson journey” to make a difference.

Even if it only makes a difference in you and me.

John 3:30 / coram deo

P.S. This is not my main site. I do most of my “helpful” blogging on business, communications, marketing, leadership, relationships and more on RileyAdamVoth.com. Most of my “helpful” theological jams happen on my hobby site, TheMajestysMen.com. Most of my creative writing is on TragedyFortunate.com. That leaves this as a place for personal reflections, questions or criticisms, theological notes of interest, and thoughts on my personal development in this hybrid-ministry-life that shouldn’t be “hybrid” but, rather, “holistic”. I don’t publicize it much at all, but you can if you find it helpful or inspiring. I’d also welcome, and value, your thoughts even if you’re the only one commenting on every single post. I often want to be that guy with others.

P.P.S. Ok, but really, what does “elasson” mean…

Original Word: ἐλάσσων, ον
Part of Speech: Adjective
Transliteration: elassón or elattón
Phonetic Spelling: (el-as’-sone)
Short Definition: less, smaller, inferior
Definition: less, smaller; poorer, inferior

…and so yea, all the lowercases around here are on purpose.

John 3:30 – He must increase, but I must decrease.