On connecting meaning in our stories for our community

We are part of the best story there is. So how do we cast a compelling vision for our community and connect with the people – even those who don’t believe as we do – in a way that excites them, assures them we care, and connects our story to theirs in a way that shows them the depth of meaning THE story can bring to their lives!?

We are all storytellers, and we are all part of one grand story.

Within this grand story are nearly infinite other stories we could tell at any time.

Jesus was a master storyteller.

My father is an expert storyteller.

I tend to be a bit of a storyteller, myself, but I wouldn’t say I’m “expert” material yet. However, that’s pretty much what the existence of this blog is about. One long and wandering story. One I’m writing down as I go. One I’m hoping to gain clarity on as I write.

Our communities we are a part of are a story. Hundreds of thousands of stories, making up one collective story – much like the gospel and the church.

However, our communities depend on us. You and me.

We have to help shape the story and make it meaningful.

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On associating with the anxiety too many feel

Sometimes my least favorite part about the process I feel I’m going through is learning to associate with the anxiety that small all business owners go through.

It’s ridiculous. It sucks. It’s stupid! Yet it’s too often normal

Plus, it affects everything… if we let it…

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Does this make me look like I’m trying too hard?

If you’re not careful, exactly what you’re trying your hardest to gain is what you’ll lost the most of.

I tend to run from anything that makes me look like I’m trying too hard.

Yet in reality, you can know that I’m trying extremely hard at nearly everything and anything I do.

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I could write a book on that

Is it humble to play smaller than we are in an area so that others don’t feel as big in an area?

I’ve often made the statement, “I could write a book on that.” I’ve only recently, for no reason that I’m consciously aware of, started thinking about what that sounds like to others when I say that… Possibly offensive? I’m not sure yet if I even really care… but I might?

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It’s a journey I suppose…

God takes undeserving people on unexplainable journeys, and I think I’ve come up with a name for this process.

I’m trying to think through how to explain this blog as I see it.

I’ve thought:

“Essays on development of an ever detouring minister of a never ending truth.”

At least, I feel like I’m “ever detouring”.

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“Hello world!” Seems fitting…

We’re all screaming for satisfaction from start to finish. Maybe nothing really changes?

“Hello world!” Seems like a fitting start, right? That’s not just how blogs start; that’s how life starts… and nothing changes.

I said “Hello world!” once in the late 80s as a small, slimy, squirming, screaming blob of baby. Intelligent tissue with God’s breath in me; though still not intelligent enough to make that breath into anything more than sirens. That’s how I said, “Hello world!”, and it all began.

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